We’re grouped with fully HMRC and ACCA compliant accountants for peace of mind

Our tax team ensure your taxes are kept up to date, with no hidden surprises

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Sedulo Payroll Services offers a solution for contractors from all industries working on temporary contracts, who are looking for the benefits of a PAYE payroll system.

We pride ourselves on operating in a 100% compliant manner and work closely with HMRC, keeping up to date with the ever-changing legislation and giving you peace of mind that you have paid all of your taxes when you receive your pay. We understand that working under an umbrella payroll scheme can be confusing, especially for first time operatives, which is why we are equipped to offer professional advice or support where necessary.

We are supported by ACCA qualified Chartered Certified Accountants and also Chartered Tax Advisors, whom all work together very closely under one roof.


The nature of temporary work is that you’re often moving from one contract to another.

The benefit of working under an umbrella company is that you’ll be continuously be employed by one company, known as an “umbrella company”. The umbrella can then outsource you to your various contracts.


The main benefit of working under a reputable umbrella company is simplicity.

You receive your pay after all taxes have been factored in, which means you have peace of mind that your tax affairs are up to date. Most umbrella workers are not required to complete tax returns and accounts, so once you’ve been paid you can relax knowing that you’ve paid all of your taxes.

The other main benefit of working under for an umbrella company is that you will also be entitled to holiday pay in the same way you would under a standard PAYE system. This figure is 12.07% of your gross income (not based on National Minimum Wage), and would usually be accrued until your contract has expired. Once the contract has finished your holiday pay that has been accrued will be released and paid directly into your chosen bank account.


As with all employment contracts, the umbrella worker is responsible for paying Class 1 National Insurance, as well as Employers National Insurance which is 13.8% of your gross income.

National Insurance payments generally go towards state benefits, such as state pension and, in the same way as Income Tax, they are deducted from your pay before you receive it. Thus leaving you in the safe knowledge that all your deductions have been correctly and compliantly paid.



As accountants, we ensure that you are fully compliant with HMRC’s rules on the money you take home from your pay, so you don’t have the worry but still get to enjoy the benefits.

We can help you set up your own limited company so you maximise your take home pay, whilst we also manage the administration around your finances.

We run a CIS Scheme to pay subcontractors in an efficient and compliant manner. We organise and process your pay, as well as your contractor / subcontractor certificates where appropriate.