Fully compliant

Dedicated Account Managers

Flexible Payroll Partner

We operate a compliant payroll service that contractors and subcontractors in accordance with the rules and regulations set out by HMRC whilst maximising the tax savings.

Our dedicated account managers take away the stress of knowing the latest legislation HMRC have in place surrounding payments, so all workers are safe in the knowledge that they are taking home the maximum amount of pay possible, whilst staying within the law.

We offer a range of services from standard payroll through to setting up a Limited company. Through the range of solutions we offer, such as text message notifications to contractors and faster payments, we make sure to handle any bumps in the road while keeping you on track. We are committed to operating and growing our business in a responsible, sustainable way and work in a manner that is ethical, safe and supports and protects our partners.

Sedulo Payroll Services are associates of the FCSA



We can help you set up your own limited company so you maximise your take home pay, whilst we also manage the administration around your finances.

As accountants, we ensure that you are fully compliant with HMRC’s rules on the money you take home from your pay, so you don’t have the worry but still get to enjoy the benefits.

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